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His issues about Chernobyl have been one explanation why he sought a seat within the Congress of Other people’s Deputies, a frame Mr. Gorbachev created in 1989; he was once elected to Parliament the next yr. After the August 1991 coup strive, some parliamentary leaders have been compelled out, and Mr. Shushkevich was once named the frame’s chairman.

After he was once ousted through Mr. Lukashenko in 1994, Mr. Shushkevich turned into a vocal critic of his successor, and of Mr. Lukashenko’s penchant for making pie-in-the-sky guarantees.

“If he can do all of it, he’s Moses,” Mr. Shushkevich advised The Occasions in July 1994. “However he isn’t. Solzhenitsyn stated that Vladimir Zhirinovsky” — a firebrand ultranationalist in Russia — “was once the cartoon of a Russian patriot. Smartly, Lukashenko is the cartoon of Zhirinovsky.”

Mr. Lukashenko, despite the fact that, can have exacted a measure of revenge. The Occasions reported in 2002 that during 1997, he issued an govt decree environment new charges and cost-of-living stipulations for pensions of state officers — except for for former chairmen of the Very best Soviet, a membership that consisted of Mr. Shushkevich and one different guy. In hyperinflation-prone Belarus, that hit Mr. Shushkevich laborious within the pocketbook.

His per 30 days fee “was round $200,” Mr. Shushkevich advised The Occasions, “which is a superb pension through our requirements.”

“Now,” he stated, “it’s 3,196 rubles. That equals $1.80.”

Along with his spouse, his survivors come with a son, Stanislau, and a daughter, Alena.

Mr. Shushkevich endured to fireside away at his successor to the tip. In considered one of his final interviews, in December, he related Mr. Lukashenko and Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin.

“Putin and Lukashenko are nonetheless unsatisfied with the autumn of the usS.R.,” he was once quoted as announcing. “They wish to rule endlessly. This isn’t how one can create a democracy.”

Milana Mazaeva contributed reporting.

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